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Sunday, 19 August 2007

Corncrake or Marsh Harrier?

A late finish on Friday night having taken a new client out to one of my woods. I had hoped knowing he has his DSC level 1 that he would be hot stuff, sadly he had only stalked once before, although he knew his stuff this was a practical stalk. I took my Bitch Sheba out and she certainly pointed a few deer. Plenty of fresh droppings and when we had worked our way around into the wind I called in a Roe Doe and a Button Buck that was with her.
Nigel couldnt get into a decent position to take the shot and they were less than 40 yards away. I was gutted but at least we saw deer. On the way back to the car we saw a large family group of Fallow and the two Roe appeared fleetingly. I'll have to go back there again.

Saturday morning and after the cash and carry booze run (BBQ Next Saturday) I went out to another shoot (I'm a member of this one but for weekend duck flighting as they shoot pheasants on a Friday!) to help with some fencing that was needed. Typical work party day only 3 others there and two of those had the fence in hand. I went over to the Keeper, Mike, and helped him erect some goal posts. These are made from chestnut fencing rejects and are used to suspend feeders. They seem to be quicker than putting legs on feeders so I'll raise a few on my shoot.

This shoot differs from mine in that it has open fields, strips of cover crop such as Shorgum and maize. It prompted me to collect some abandoned chestnut cuttings on my shoot and I'll start making some new feeder posts later on as its almost time to get the grain in and feed the birds outside the pen! Putting out the feeders we were surprised by either a Marsh Harrier or a Corncrake. Now the Harier is the likely bird but it is difficult to be sure.

Anyway, my dogs were fed up with being in the car so I let them have a run around the woods on my shoot. I caught up with the woodsman and we discussed his workload, making chestnut laths. All done by hand!

I collected enough wood for a start and I need to get some drives cleared slightly to allow us to beat them this coming season. The birds are growing well and when found outside the pen are starting to fly already!

Back to town for a monkey suit fitting, I'm giving away my sister in 2 weeks time (Iknow but I dont think I'd get much on E Bay for her!) so a monkey suit it is. I have resisted the same suit as the others route and have finally found a use for my Regimental Cravatte:
The only problem is the wife thinks I look like the Fat Controller, and she picked the suit!

I thought I'd leave you with a gratuitous dogs and wood picture! I have a few long days work to put in and may be delayed posting again


Hippo said...

Typical, isn't it? You do your best to look smart and they take the micky...

I am thinking of going hunting in Poland if I ever get time off from here and found this site:

I just love it!

Bambibasher said...

As the odd bloke said, come on down!