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Friday, 27 July 2007

Bashing Bambi

Well last night I took the boss' lad out for a quick trip around one of my woods in Sussex.

Despite him being a 16 year old lad with all the patience of a beggar on speed we did see deer.

I saw a lovely Roe Doe early on in the stalk, she was lovely in colour and responded well to the buttolo call.

I trekked as slowly around getting the wind into our faces as I could. I let the lad walk on with my .22 to see if he could knock a rabbit on the head for my dogs supper. Eventually we were within 10 minutes walk of the end of the stalk and he was tearing on ahead. We entered a clearing and as he turned for yet another loud Q&A session on why all the rabbits ran away when they heard him out popped the Doe from earlier.

"SHH!" I cried to suppress him, and that second an astonishing Buck appeared behind her.

He looked a lot like the one at the top of this post. I'll save him for a paying client! Still nice to get another lad interested in the outdoors.
More to follow.

This is the pair of rifles I usually use, a nice medium weight full stocked CZ 550 in 6.5 swede and I let the client carry that. I use a lightweight CZ 527 in 7.62 X 39 (Yes the famous AK47 round) I have to hand load to achieve the minimum legal deer limit for England and Wales but for our small deer here it is ideal. It weighs little and also uses the same bullet as I reload for my .303 stalking rifle.


Kim du Toit said...

I love the CZ 550 -- also had one once, in 6.5x55 Swede, but not a full-stocked on like yours. With a 4x fixed scope, my Son&Heir (the target shooter in our family) could hit a 4" target at 400 yards 10/12 times, and a man-sized silhouette target 12/12 (at 600 yards).

And the 7.62x39 has almost identical ballistics to the .30-30, so you're in good shape there.

Lovely guns.

Bambibasher said...

Thanks Kim, I also have a stalking rifle in .303 a 1917 BSA SMLE sportered in 1945 bt Parker Hale. My 13 year old son used it at Bisley and got 5 bulls out of five at 200 yards prone about 3 years ago!
I have used it for Fallow does. I am looking for a CZ527 in .223 but another full stocked model. I'll swap the Leupold scope to that from my .303 and replace it with a period Lyman 3x scope. I use generally 1-4 or 5 x 20 scopes as the deer are rarely very far away where I stalk!
When you visit Mr FM drag him down for some stalking or duck shooting!